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Best way to include RSS feeds from Google Sites

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  1. bpb

    bpb New Member

    I've been playing around with App Inventor and while I've found tutorials on including RSS feeds (including hosting server services on Google Code) I haven't found one that will correctly parse an RSS feed from Google Sites. Specifically, the .xml returned by a "Subscribe to this..." (i.e. page changes, new posts) on a site created by Google Sites doesn't seem to be in the default format recognizable by any code I've found to parse and display easily in an app inventor app.
    Anyone found a solution for this?
    (I'm new here, so I'm not yet able to post links to the sites/solutions I'm referring to.)

  2. appinventor

    appinventor Active Member

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  3. bpb

    bpb New Member

    Well, I stand somewhat corrected. If I go to the top level site directly in my mobile browser (apparently it's a mobile Chrome browser of some sort), it displays that much fine. If I navigate to the "Subscribe to posts" and click there in my mobile browser, it still doesn't display quite right. So at least that aspect of it (the ultimate .xml URI formatting) doesn't appear to have anything to do with AI.
    As for it being in JSON, it's quite possible. I'd overlooked your link, but that looks pretty promising - thanks!

    I saw in that tutorial where it returns the result, and a tutorial for returning multiple results (iRead2.zip). However, that iRead2 only displays one result on the page. Not quite what I'm looking for, but close. See this, http://appinventorapi.com/rss-feeds/, near to the bottom of the page comments, where user dsanvita has made a way to parse flickr results and display images in them. It's pretty slick, but it's a lot of work to duplicate. (Links to https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/programming-with-app-inventor/3n_p3N89r6A/discussion)

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