Best way to load an .apk file on to the touch 3G

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  1. mobile ops

    mobile ops Member

    Hello, I've been checking out the file transfer way of loading music/pix on tot he touch3g via USB cable and that seems to work work me. What Im having trouble loading is apk files. After using the usb cable to drag and drop them on the phone I am not sure how to find it on the phone itself. Windows mobile had the file explorer tool but I can't seem to find it on this one.

    I also tried loading the apk file via ms dos but I keep getting a device not found error message even though I mount the sd card when I connect it to the comp.

    Any tips will be appreciated.

  2. arashed31

    arashed31 Active Member

    Go to the Market and get "AppManager"

    Put the .apk file on the root of the microSD card.

    In the program, press "Menu", "Install", "Menu" again, and "Whole SD".

    The program should show up in the list.

    EDIT: If you try to open a file on /sdcard/ on the phone, make sure it's NOT mounted on the computer. If it is, the phone won't be able to see it because the computer has it already mounted.
  3. mobile ops

    mobile ops Member

    Thanks! I also found out you can OTA the apk file and install it on to the handset that way as well.

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