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Best way to reset my G1?

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  1. briangriffin

    briangriffin Member This Topic's Starter

    Jul 4, 2010
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    I'm about to hand on my trusty G1 to a family member in favor of a Nexus or Desire.

    At present the G1 runs CM 5.0.8 and has quite a few free apps already installed that I'd like to leave on if possible. All I really want to do is 'reset' the phone so when I pass it on, my cousin is at the same initial 'Please sign in to Google' stage that I arrived at when I first flashed Cyanongen 5.

    In a nutshell I'd like to wipe all the 'me' data from the G1 but leave the apps. If it comes to it I guess I can do a factory wipe / reset in Amon Recovery, reload CM5 & forget the apps but is a more userland way?

    Thanks in advance,



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