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  1. db9golf

    db9golf Member

    Hey everyone. So I signed up for verizon last week after deciding to leave att and picked up a droid. I already had heard of this phone and decided I would at least use the regular droid in the interim. Thankfully I picked up the droid on the 16th, so the droid x release day is within the 30 day window. Can I just go in on the 15th and exchange the droid for the droid x? I know the preorder situation is unknown, but if preorders are available can I preorder even though I haven't returned the droid yet? Thanks for the help with these newbie questions.

  2. CRPercodani

    CRPercodani OFWGKTA VIP Member

    You MIGHT be able to pre order through someone like Best Buy but you will need to return your Droid before you can go to pick up the X. Instead of pre ordering you could just go into the VZW store on the 15th and swap them out then.
  3. Roll-Tide

    Roll-Tide Well-Known Member

    IF they have some in stock....that was my problem, I bought the storm2 with the expectation of possibly swapping for the Incredible within my 30 days...BUT, you STILL cannot go into a VZW store around here and get an Incredible...3 week wait they say. So, I got the Moto Droid and so far I'm diggin' it just fine. I think the only for sure way to do it is to just do what was suggested above and return the one you have so you can be sure to get your money....THEN you're free to go somewhere else like BestBuy if VZW doesn't have one in stock.
  4. Vihzel

    Vihzel Destroying Balls Everyday VIP Member

    Best Buy will accept your preorder. You obviously have to return your phone before you get the new phone.
  5. aeronauticsrock

    aeronauticsrock Active Member

    I bought a Droid today just to tide me over. Im planning on going to the store 1-2 hours before open on the 15th and exchanging them. Especially because preorders are looking unlikely.

    That should be ok right?
  6. db9golf

    db9golf Member

    Thanks for all the help. I'll just get there early on the 15th and hope for the best.

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