Best weather app with radar besides the weather channel and weatherbug

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  1. Needforspeed

    Needforspeed Well-Known Member

    I want a weather app that has minimum battery drain, radar,a big clear radar,widget,and ability to get my location for weather that is good on battery

  2. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!! Moderator

    i use beautiful widgets.
  3. NaterTots

    NaterTots Well-Known Member

    If you want Radar I use "Radar Now". It's a nice app that shows the radar movement in your area for the last 30 minutes or so.

    I keep it on every Rom so as to know if I've got rain coming when I'm doing work outside.
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  4. mrgigabyte

    mrgigabyte Well-Known Member

    i was using weatherbug but the radar takes forever then i went to mycast and they just rude the app making it too big and takes forever to start up so then i was looking and the reviews are very high and i try this weather,radar,alerts,quakes by elecont software and its the best purchase i could have made it has everything for the weather and it works perfact no lag what so ever it come with lots of wigits if u use them i dont and you can have temp and other stuff in the status bar if you want what is nice is if you go to their website on your cell you can download a three day trail and try it thats what i did then if you like go to maket and buy it instead of 15 min try thats not a lot of time for what this app can do hope you like i know i did
  5. scooterinmn

    scooterinmn Well-Known Member

    BeWeather. Had it on my BB and now its on the Market. Great app!
  6. frankz

    frankz Active Member

  7. bigj2552

    bigj2552 Member

    yeh it looks great but -

    i downloaded it ( approx 4mb ) after intsalling it, i clicked on icon to start app....
    It said it needed to download a further 25mb worth of apps - WTF :eek:, but wouldnt tell me what the 25mb worth of apps were chance - uninstalled :-(
  8. scooterinmn

    scooterinmn Well-Known Member

    It's just for the cute weather animations.
  9. darkcyber

    darkcyber Well-Known Member

    Well, I am an avid weather nut (NWS storm spotter) and in my searching here are the weather apps I use and like the order.

    1.WeatherBug Elite
    2. My-Cast Weather Classic
    3. IMap Weather
    4. Radar Now (this gives you very basic rough looking images and takes a long time to load up at the least favorite)

    None of these have blazing speed upon first opening them up, simply because each app has to pull the data through 3G and most of them are pulling multiple radar images to display the radar loop. Out of all of these My-Cast gets the radar up the fastest, but only offers one zoom level, which really is not good.
  10. tcat007

    tcat007 Well-Known Member

    Any online browser website. A link to weather underground (Weather Underground (Mobile)) or uses the least battery. I use Raindar for radar when I want to look quickly.
  11. kmf

    kmf Well-Known Member

    IMOP the "best" weather app is going to depend upon where you use it.

    For radar, Radar Now (Free and Paid) and PYKL3 Radar (Paid) are very good. For local weather conditions I use Weatherbug Elite because there is a local reporting station in the town that we live in. (Otherwise, weather info comes from at least 20 miles away.)
  12. aldamon

    aldamon Well-Known Member

    NBC17 WX is absolutely awesome. Best I've used and don't let the name fool you. You can add any city to your favorites.
  13. Clementine_3

    Clementine_3 Well-Known Member

  14. kmf

    kmf Well-Known Member

    Has anyone found a radar app that gives current radar images? I have the PYKL3 Radar App (3 minutes behind) and the Radar Now App (5 minutes behind.) In WeatherBug Elite, which is a great weather app, the delay is 6 minutes.
  15. scudder

    scudder Well-Known Member

    If you want some real Level 3 NEXRAD radar, I have heard that "Radar Scope" is killer...used by professional storm chasers. It's expensive though as apps go at $9.99:

    Radar Scope

    I have a bunch of weather apps on my phone and I'm presently playing with 1Weather...nice looking interface but radar bit lacking, for me:

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  16. Eric Chomier

    Eric Chomier Active Member

    It depends on OS to OS. What OS you are using?
  17. kmf

    kmf Well-Known Member

    @Eric...Motorola Electrify 2.3.5 (US Cellular.)
  18. eirrom

    eirrom Well-Known Member

  19. allstar77

    allstar77 New Member

    Be Weather
  20. ocala

    ocala Member

    You won't find anything faster then 5-6 minutes. All the NWS radars update in that interval unless they are in Clear Air Mode then it's 10 minutes.
    Now, sometimes your local TV stations may have their own radar which updates faster. Certainly check that out.
    As for what apps are best I use Raindar, MyCast, and the Weatherunderground app because it uses my weather station as the default.

    For radar I mostly use ones that I made. Programs like GR3, Nexrad3, Storm Predator are all radar programs that have an ftp option to upload your own images. I find this to be much better. That way you can customize to your taste instead of taking what the other programs give you. I understand that's not for everyone but if you can do a little coding it's pretty easy.
  21. mrbeankc

    mrbeankc Member

    I live in Tornado Alley so a weather app is pretty important for me. I ended up with My-Cast.
  22. chillyb

    chillyb Member

    my cast is cool. but after trying what feels like 90% of the avail weather apps...I've settled on Accuweather. I live in the south, so idk if there's anything better for those of you in tornado alley...but its UI has everything u could ask for in a very intuitive/robust layout.
    My favorite functions are the multiple locations, the HD local-state and national video forecasts, etc. and above all...the hourly breakdowns with all the vital stats. (including realfeel temp)

    Great tool! And no...I'm not at all affiliated with the service
  23. tcat007

    tcat007 Well-Known Member

    I keep trying the "hot" ones, but keep going back to Palmary. I like the readability and side swiping to next city. It has radar, but I still use Raindar, opens quickly right where I want it to.
  24. droidup2

    droidup2 New Member

    Tempest Weather Radar is fast at loading radar images. It also has forecast data.

    Its on Google Play under Tempest Weather Radar.
  25. Skull Nokker

    Skull Nokker Active Member

    eWeather HD is absolutely the best.
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