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    Ok this is what I'm looking for. I was wondering if there is a good app that will sniff out open wifi spots? Then save them into a map form. For quick viewing later? Another words I want to turn the app and let it run for a couple weeks while driving around town. I have an iPad wifi version only and a laptop. And sometimes I need to get work done or pull over and run off any wifi that is available instead of going across town to a public place like star bucks. I have my android phone that is rooted. But sometimes I need faster service. And my wife has the iPad but not an android phone. So she could benefit to if I can track and send her a map with push pins or something with all the hot spots I found.


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    I turn it on and let it run. But where do I go to view the map? Where does it save to my phone or online?
  5. 'WiFi Analyzer' and 'Y5'. Both free and in the market.
    The first app scans for available WiFi hotspots and let's you select which you want to hook up to. The second auto-reconnects to that hotspot whenever you're in range, and switches WiFi polling off when out of range of logged hotspots.
    Yet Froyo will still notify you when in range of new free hotspots if you have set it to do so (Settings > WiFi settings).
    A very convenient combo.

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