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[BETA][GAME] Chicken Of Prey

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  1. Jens Suki

    Jens Suki Member

  2. rudis

    rudis New Member

    Hi Jens

  3. Jens Suki

    Jens Suki Member

    I had to release another update 0.5.8 with a hotfix for a crash at start time.

    Thanks for the feedback. I know the controls are my biggest problem but i still habe not found a better way.
    If anyone have an idea or knows a game with similar but better controls please let me know.
  4. RogosLabs

    RogosLabs New Member

    Awesome looking game Jens! The artwork and the ideea are really cool. Unfortunately the controls are kinda weird, you kinda get used to them after a while but even then they are frustrating. There are still some weird crashes after I close it and open it again. And the menu music acts weird if you press the home button while in the menu, sometimes it stops ok but it doesnt start again when i enter the game, and sometimes it still plays even if the game is in the background(which is kind of annoying for users). I had the same music problem in my game and I was desperate... I had to stop the music in the OnStop() method of the menu which screwed all the flow in my menu browsing.
    All in all you have an awesome game on your hands. Keep hammering down all the problems and you will have a real winner!

    Good luck with everything!

  5. Jens Suki

    Jens Suki Member

    Big thanks for the input RogosLabs. i managed to solve the problems you found.

    i released a new (and perhaps the last) version of the beta.
    • I have fixed some major problems with the fly-controls. They still need a little habituation but they work smooth with every fps now.
    • The chicken is a little bigger now and takes more hits before dying
    • Bugfixes
    • Cool new Smoke effects. It looks better and increase the performance

    Have fun
  6. Jens Suki

    Jens Suki Member

    The new released version will provide a completely new orientation-sensor control.

    Check it out and give feedback.

    Choose your controls - YouTube

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