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  1. maurrubio

    maurrubio Well-Known Member

    Hello guys, maybe some of you heard about Lapse It, an app that allow you to capture astonishing time-lapse videos with your Android device.

    This application was released about a year ago and it was developed with Adobe AIR, now for the one year birthdate of Lapse It, we are announcing Lapse It Native.

    The app was written from scratch in native language, and now it is much more powerful and capable then before. The new app comes with a robust rendering system based on LibAv, that will give life to your captured sequences.

    We are in the open beta phase, and it's free to download:

    More information on our website:
    Time Lapse for Android ? Lapse It

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  2. maurrubio

    maurrubio Well-Known Member

    Common guys, I would like to hear some feedbacks !!

  3. madnlooney

    madnlooney Well-Known Member

    ill give it a go and report


    just did a quick test and works alright, no problems with it taking the shots and rendering. all effects worked ok, just the frame slider on the render option was abit tricky to get exact amount. it moved very quickly on my desire screen and my fat finger :). Maybe a bigger screen would work better.
  4. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian VIP Member

    I just got this yesterday, I'm going to give it a shot this weekend, if not sooner, and will report back.
  5. Joesif

    Joesif Active Member

  6. maurrubio

    maurrubio Well-Known Member

    Hello guys the app has now more then 300k installs, we just released another great update, now Lapse It has a Stop Motion mode and support for Holo and ICS Themes, also we not support 1080p rendering and full sensor capture.

    Those who doesn't tried it yet, you can for free at:

    Hope you enjoy !
  7. maurrubio

    maurrubio Well-Known Member

  8. maurrubio

    maurrubio Well-Known Member

    Hello guys, we just published a new version of this great app, here are some of the new features:

    - Capture in Portrait Mode ( or any other orientation )
    - Camera Improvements
    - 3D Camera Support
    - Flash Now Works
    - Improved Interface Design
    - General Fixes and Tweaks
    - Golden User Mode
    - And more
  9. rantyr

    rantyr Active Member

    I want to buy a phone with a 3d camera just to try it out.

    That aside I am downloading now to test it

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