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[Beta Test] Soc.io eReader app: eReading app for Android Tablets

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  1. pestislav

    pestislav New Member

    Hello everyone,

    Two weeks ago we released a new eReading app for Android tablets only. It is called Soc.io eReader, the app is in BETA and it currently supports ePub format. You can go to our website Soc.io eReader official site and downloaded on of the two separate versions, the full version for Android OS 3.x or the stripped down for tablets with Android OS 2.x.

    Short Decpription:
    Soc.io eReader gives you a comfortable eReading experience, and a simple way to sort and organize your digital library with a bundle of neat features.


    • Different Viewing modes (Shelves, List, Collection, Single)
    • Sort & Search Books
    • Switch through Day, Night, Sunny and Dark reading mode
    • Switching through page orientation (Portrait, Landscape)
    • Highlight important text
    • Page Bookmarking
    • In-book search and searching text on Google, Wikipedia
    • Go to a specific page using the Go To slider
    • Table of contents (TOC) navigation

  2. androidtest2

    androidtest2 Member

    I have samsung galaxy tab 8.9 and I am interested in testing your app.
  3. pestislav

    pestislav New Member

  4. zubhalabs

    zubhalabs Member

  5. pestislav

    pestislav New Member

    Hi there,

    Just to let you know folks that our eReading app for Android devices, Soc.io eReader is out of Beta and you can download it from the attached .apk or from our website Soc.io eReader official site. You can also find more info about the changes we've made in this thread.

    QR code


    Thank you,
    The Soc.io Mall team

    ps. Don't forget to let us know what you think.

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  6. rahulkrishna08

    rahulkrishna08 New Member


    I am new to android, can you please share me the files of logic how to highlight the text and how to make the notes in epub book for android phone.


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