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Better 3G signal when Wifi Turned on (Browse All)

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  1. earsly

    earsly Member This Topic's Starter

    Sep 16, 2010
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    This may sound weird but does anyone else have poor 3G signal for your phone? I live and work in San Jose and have never had a problem with reception with any of my phones until now. When I'm in my house/work...I get poor signal. It goes from 2 bars to 0 bars to 2 to 0, etc.... Basically losing signal repeatedly and it kills my battery life. Talking on the phone kills my battery life as well (1% drain for every 2 minutes talk time). When i turn on my wifi...the 3g signal stays constant at 2 bars and the battery life lasts MUCH longer even though the wifi isn't connected

    Is anyone else having this sort of problem?


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