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  1. m8j8i8

    m8j8i8 Member

    Are there going to be a higher number of QUALITY android games??? You go to the app store, and there are TONS of them, and you dont have to look far to find them. Anyone know if android is going to get more, high quality games? (first person shooter, MMORPG ETC.)

  2. supermanlegend

    supermanlegend Well-Known Member

    Android has a lot of first person shooters from Gameloft If your device is supported. Mmos we have all the big ones. Pocket Legends, Star Legends (beta is going on now the game is superb), and Order & Chaos. World of Migard is another big MMo coming out later this year. But yeah there are a lot of big things in the works like playing actual console games on android through onlive, steam and one more I forget the name, two of the services even apple won't have android has more leeway for developers. Gaming is and won't be a problem just a matter of having a supported device and time.
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  3. m8j8i8

    m8j8i8 Member

    thanks! thats good to know :D
  4. onpointG35

    onpointG35 Well-Known Member

    I agree that appstore has more games but in return android is going in to right direction, I really wish they had Street fighter 4 I saw it on my brother Iphone4. One day
  5. Spartoi

    Spartoi Well-Known Member

    PC Games mate.
  6. HeadcaseGames

    HeadcaseGames Well-Known Member

    as I was just saying in another thread, people have been wanting for this for a long time now, and there's been a lot of proselytizing going on "it's just around the corner." While I am still new to this scene (Android), after living over on iPhone for a few years it's hard to argue; the writing is on the wall, and more things are finally starting to trickle over here. I can't say it's even "wait 6 months for it to catch up" yet, but it is coming and in a big way. The market is just so huge, the demand is there, and enough developers are getting so frustrated by the situation at the Apple Store that it only makes sense to get in on Android "while the getting's good."

    The big problems - also referenced in that other thread, and elsewhere - aside from the usual issues (fragmentation, stereotypically cheap Android customers who refuse to pay for anything) is that the Android scene is really still just extremely immature when it comes to fostering a welcome environment for game development. The forums and web sites, etc are not at all conducive to it (never mind the larger media outlets) and for the most part all the people involved in those aspects just do not care about supporting indie devs (I don't mean with money even, I mean about "spreading the word").

    It's very frustrating as a developer to spend a lot of time and energy building some app, trying to get on with the marketing as well, and then trying to trumpet that news to a community which just ignores you. It's not the community's fault, necessarily (it's not properly structured to support it) but it does need some strong and well-intentioned people of a mind-set like those who set up the Apple (gaming-supportive) communities to help steer things that way. It will come, in time..
  7. gwlaw99

    gwlaw99 Well-Known Member

    The other advantage the app store has is that some of the best gameloft and EA games go on sale all the time for $.99. I bought 10 for $10 for my iPad2.

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