Better battery for Samsung Galaxy S 4G?Tips

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  1. statcomp

    statcomp Member

    As a previous iphone owner, I love this SGS4G phone so far. It turned out that I can live with 512MB memory for internal apps or with no LED flash. But its battery life is too short even comparing with iphone 3GS. 2-3 hours of its intense use will drain the battery out completely.

    So my question is what is alternative. Of course, I can carry additional batteries. But is there any battery with better capacity for this phone?

  2. grrgoyl

    grrgoyl Well-Known Member

    I'm with you. I thought my Moto Cliq XT had pathetic life, but it was fantastic compared to the Galaxy!

    I thought long and hard about the high-capacity batteries on eBay (3500 mah, the stock is 1650), but I couldn't bear the thought of almost doubling the size of the phone. There are tons of listings on eBay for spare batteries (1500 mah being the most popular) with external wall charger docks. I don't know if it matters, but I stayed away from the aftermarket knock-offs and looked for OEM. The one I got lasted me about 24 hours, just about the same as the original (but I'm still a week into ownership and doing the complete cycle/discharge thing). I just swap the batteries out and am never without juice. A compromise, but one I can live with.

    If you want to search, look for the t959 battery. It fits the Samsung i9000, Vibrant and our Galaxy S.
  3. grrgoyl

    grrgoyl Well-Known Member

    But of course there are also other measures you can take to prolong life. Look around this forum and find hundreds of suggestions.

    Lowering screen brightness, not using 4G for everything (I know, it's the selling point of the phone, but I only turn it on if I want to watch lots of YouTube videos, for instance). It's hotly debated, but task killers I believe hurt more than help, since the apps they shut down then have to constantly restart, using more battery.

    I just found the app Tasker, which is tricky to use, but I set it up so data is turned off unless I load an app that needs it, then it automatically shuts down when I close it! I also turned off auto-sync while at work, etc. The Google stuff is set to auto-sync like every 5 minutes or something insane like that, and that will suck your battery.

    Hope any of this helps!
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  4. MyNamesTooLong

    MyNamesTooLong Well-Known Member

    OP, Invest in one of those chargers you can plug into the wall, and the car...they have them at tmobile stores.

    menu>settings>about phone>battery almost positive its the screen eating all the battery, as the 4g is essentially the same as the vibrant(with less internal memory and minus the 4g)
  5. statcomp

    statcomp Member

    Absolutely good tips. Thanks so much.

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