Better batterySupport

  1. dennis8492

    dennis8492 Well-Known Member

    I was reading in the EVO 4G forum that if you charge your phone via usb/computer you get beeter battery life. Something about trickle charging. Could be useful, even though the harp has decent battery life.

  2. mercury0x000d

    mercury0x000d Digital Packrat Guide

    The harp does have decent battery life, but it's nothing compared to the violin.

    Sorry, man, I had to :p
  3. dennis8492

    dennis8492 Well-Known Member

    Hahahaha can't believe I misspelled my own phones name!!! I won't edit it I found that to funny.
  4. shinru2004

    shinru2004 Well-Known Member Developer

    Heard the violin is like Six core or something is that true? Lol
  5. prmax

    prmax Well-Known Member

    LOL. There are 2000mAh batteries you can get for the Warp. I got mine from Eb@y and have had no issues with them. Just make sure you charge fully and reset battery stats. I use the batter calibration app from the store.

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