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  1. FiveAces

    FiveAces Active Member

    I have read several threads relating to measured benchmark performance improvements with this last OTA update.
    I, too, felt that even without any measurements, it tends to feel more "solid" in its functions and performance.
    Although I never really experienced some of the multi-tasking problems that some users have experienced (or the so-called "deep-sleep" that seems to stop background apps), switching between apps seems much smoother and more responsive!

    One particular issue I had.... prior to the OTA update, my "squareup credit card reader" never worked correctly (a verifyable problem according to the compatability list on the squareup website).

    Since the OTA update, it has worked perfectly!

    None of this is a result of simply resetting or reloading the phone from scratch because I originally made that effort several times with no improvements.
    Could be that they may have actually cleaned up a few system bugs in the process?

    Seriously, I was not 100% satisfied on my original decision to get this phone (based on some of the early complaints). But I have to admit, it seems to be meeting my expectations much better now-a-days!

    Anyone else care to share any experiences or noticable improvements?? If so, do you feel any better or worse than when you first got it.... on!

  2. undergone

    undergone Well-Known Member

    So far I haven't had to charge my phone in over 1 day and 11 hours. I'm pretty stoked.
  3. Mud Pie

    Mud Pie Member

    I just upgraded my original Incredible to the 4G this past Thursday. When it was done going through the initial setup screen, the pop up about the update showed. At first I was thinking, "already ?!?!". It updated on it's own with zero issues.

    I can't offer an opinion about the update, because, well, the phone was up for less than five minutes before the update...

    But I DO like the phone so far !
  4. FiveAces

    FiveAces Active Member

    I was underwhelmed at first to the point of depressed that other users were reporting issues of "Deep-Sleeping" apps and not multi-tasking at all.
    I'm glad to say that my opinion has improved over time and its performance has been quite good!

    I also think that once I got to understanding some tweaks I could do in ICS, I was able to discover some improvements, too, such as......

    - ICS lets you disable System & Verizon bloat apps "bundled" in the phone. Go to Settings...Apps...All and then select each app you wish to disable.

    - I killed most of the extra Verizon apps. This way you not only don't have to bother with them, it hides them and prevents any that can accidentially start and they may continue to run in the background. (example: Why even have VZ Navigator if you use Google Maps?)

    - I disabled "Sense for Facebook" - Facebook seems to work much better without it. There is also a "Sense for Twitter" which I killed as well.

    - I use "MailDroid" for my email so I disabled the stock email app.

    NOTE: None of the above saves you memory space... it just disables and hides them.

    Overall, I am much happier with my Dinc4G now than I was a few months ago!
  5. GeoUSA

    GeoUSA Well-Known Member

    Since the update loaded, my phone has been EXTREMELY stable. I've never had a smartphone that could run for 2 weeks without a reboot. This one is doing it now.

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