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BetterCut tutorial??

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  1. t0ph0id

    t0ph0id Well-Known Member

    I've never used bettercut and am after a tutorial

    I have this homescreen


    want to change the GMail icon to the same green as everything else.

    How do I do it?

  2. Tim K

    Tim K Well-Known Member Contributor

    use an image editor to create an icon of your choosing. send it to your phone. save it. go into bettercut and edit your gmail shortcut. Click on "change icon" and then choose your picture from wherever you saved it.
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  3. t0ph0id

    t0ph0id Well-Known Member

    That was easier than I was expecting.
  4. shawn1224

    shawn1224 Ex CEO-DNPSEA foundation VIP Member

    GIMP is pretty good and not as complicated as Photoshop ... and it's free
  5. Nismo

    Nismo Member

    what agenda widget is that? and how did you get no transparent background behind your clock?
  6. iPhone2Droid

    iPhone2Droid Well-Known Member

    You might also want to search icon packs in the Market. Just about all of 'em are free. Odds are, there might be one with a green theme, containing oodles of potential replacement icons.
  7. shrink57

    shrink57 Well-Known Member

    The clock is Beautiful Widgets. You have a choice of many skins (including transparent) to chose from.
  8. thenestor

    thenestor Well-Known Member

    Easiest solution would be to install the Gmail Unread Count widget (which allows you to see how many unread emails there are). When you add the widget, it allows you to pick an icon, including "2D Green" and "3D Green."

  9. t0ph0id

    t0ph0id Well-Known Member



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