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  1. paulmat

    paulmat Member

    Hi everyone,

    i've been checking out the cyanogen mod and i finally figured out i can't get it working on my HTC Hero. Can anyone recommend the best mod for a rooting a HTC Hero? I love the updater service that runs on cyanogen and was wondering if there was a equivalent for the hero?

  2. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    I don't know of any Hero ROMs that offer an updater, I'm afraid.

    Have you replaced the Hero's stock recovery image yet? That's the first and most important step.
  3. lucaryholt

    lucaryholt New Member

    don's know about the uploader, but Defiance 2.1 is the best rom i have ever used, it's quick and it's android 2.1-

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