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  1. Etorgg

    Etorgg New Member

    'Just got off the phone with Virgin Mobile...VM's wifi hotspot plan is not available for the Kyocera Rise.

    I hand-picked this device because of it's alleged hotspot capabilities. Just before purchasing from VM with my pay-lo phone balance, I made a phone call to VM to ask specifically if the Rise supported the hotspot plan, and was told it did. This was after well over a month reading previews/reviews of this phone. Almost every preview I found said this phone had wifi hotspot cababilities.

    Well, give VM a phone call...if ya talk to Xio...she'll tell ya otherwise.

    I can't even think straight right now...soooooo pissed.

  2. mjkinneyx

    mjkinneyx Member

    It does have hotspot capabilities ... if you root it.
  3. Kritter888

    Kritter888 Well-Known Member

    Root or foxfi

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