billed oct7-nov6 but didnt buy until nov7 wtf?

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  1. Durkan

    Durkan Well-Known Member

    So i got my droid on the 7th, the day after release. Today i get a bill from verizon from oct7th - nov6. How can they bill me for an entire month before i even got the service? Anyone else get a txt from verizon and check the bill online? This is nuts i got the phone 6 days ago and now a bill for a month i never had the phone...

  2. Hater

    Hater New Member

    I was wondering the same thing and just called them about it.

    If you look at the details you will see that your paying for your voice and data for the nov 6 - dec 7 time period
  3. baddriver

    baddriver Well-Known Member

    so they are pre-billing you? when is the payment due?
  4. Newton1221

    Newton1221 Member

    the verizon employee should have explained that if you are coming from a non-smartphone then the bill will be pro rated, basically your bill is gonna be all jacked up until one month after you bought the phone, then it will be regular, its ******** but im in the same boat, just deal with whatever bills they send cuz you agreed to it when you got a smartphone whether they explained it or not, in a month it'll be fine
  5. Durkan

    Durkan Well-Known Member

    bill due dec 1 which i find odd. but i guess it is what it is
  6. xfuchsiax

    xfuchsiax Well-Known Member

    Read the bill very carefully. I have been a Verizon customer for a long time, and the bill they just sent me states:

    Bill Period: October 08, 2009 - November 07, 2009

    But then in the Monthly Access Charges detail under each line, it reads:

    Line 1: Nationwide Select Share 1400 11/08 - 12/07
    Line 2: Nationwide Select Share 1400 Add'l Line 11/08 - 12/07
    Line 3: Nationwide Select Share 1400 Add'l Line 11/08 - 12/07
    Line 4: Nationwide Select Share 1400 Add'l Line 11/08 - 12/07

    So the "billing period" is 10/8/09-11/7/09, but they are charging me for 11/8/09-12/7/09.

    Stupid, but that's what it says.
  7. shocker

    shocker Well-Known Member

    If you got the phone the 7th and your bill cycle for the bill you recieved is for oct7-nov6 then it is just a billing's a weird one though.

    Your bill always charges you a month in advance and shows usage a month behind, it is how all cell carriers operate. If you actually looked at your bills on a month to month basis this would not be a shock to you.
  8. xfuchsiax

    xfuchsiax Well-Known Member

    Not sure if this is directed towards me or not... but if so, I wasn't posting because I was surprised. I noticed that a while back on my bill and figured perhaps the info would help the original poster understand what was likely happening.

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