billing date - how do you guys do it?

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  1. JonIndie

    JonIndie Well-Known Member

    I've had virgin mobile for about 6 months or so.. and i've yet to have a smooth transition through my due date

    i've tried adding my credit card to autobill on the due date.. but this completely cuts out my texting and data for that day.. and it starts working at midnight (the next day)

    i've tried buying a top-up card and paying manually through the website the day before and on the due date.. i get the texts saying i added a topup amount and i get another text saying i paid my bill and my account balance changes from 25$ to 0$ .. but the minutes never reset to 0/300 until i call in and they give me a different response everytime of something that i didn't do.. or that didn't work or whatever and they have to reset it for me.

    there has to be some way to smoothly do this so you aren't losing your data for an entire day without having to contact them.. or at least i would hope so.

    has anyone found a solution on how to pay.. what links to specifically click on the website so it goes through correctly?

  2. kr80

    kr80 Member

    I was having the same problem. I pay with top up cards only as I dont trust VM with my CC info at all. A few days before the due date I log in and hit the pay now button which deducts the monthly charge from your cash balance. Then on the actual due date i log in again and go to the restart my month tab on the right hand side. Click it and it will give you a warning about losing current messages etc. Click submit and it should give you a success message and then immediatly send your phone a text saying you have a new month started. At that point usually everything resets for me as far as minutes go. The data also should come back too. I hope this helps. It seems like Virgin is always changing the way to handle bill pay from month to month though so good luck!
  3. JonIndie

    JonIndie Well-Known Member

    I guess i'll try that for the next month then.. thanks.

    you'd think they could make their billing system a little bit better though.
  4. kr80

    kr80 Member

    I know, right. Every other utility company on the planet can do online bill pay with no problem yet with Virgin its always this complicated process.:rolleyes:
    My due date is coming up in a few days so hopefully it will work out.
  5. MWRed

    MWRed Active Member

    The way I read it at one point, their system would attempt to FIRST use the cash balance in your account, and if there wasn't enough money in the account, it CAN charge your CC if you want it to. I don't do that because I don't like auto-withdrawls of any kind.

    I always throw $25 in my account a few days before my due date. I get a text the night before that a "new month starts at midnight". Then, once it takes out the money from the account, it texts me saying my balance is low(which is how I know it was taken out of the account for sure).

    I've never had a problem this way. I just top it up manually with my CC and let it do it's thing on the due date. Service has never been interrupted or anything.
  6. JonIndie

    JonIndie Well-Known Member

    you don't lose your data on the due date? I was still able to make and receive calls on my due date but I could never access any apps that used the internet.. even the 'vm minutes checker' app wouldn't work until midnight when all the data started working again.
  7. MWRed

    MWRed Active Member

    Well, I can't guarantee that I didn't lose any data time, since it seems to do it at midnight, but even that same day, I never notice any problems.
  8. ScottColbert

    ScottColbert Well-Known Member

    What I do is the either the day before or the day that my payment is due, I just choose the resatart my monthly plan (on the right side of screen when you log in). I've never had any problems doing that and never lost my data connection.
  9. Investor22

    Investor22 Well-Known Member

    I click the Activate button on my phone when that happens on my monthly renewal date. That brings back the 3G. Billing is set up with auto payments.
  10. FreakyX

    FreakyX New Member

    I just went through my first due date this past Friday. On this last day of my billing month, I received a text from Virgin Mobile saying:
    I carry a balance in my account and Virgin Mobile deducted the correct amount ($25) from my account at midnight. I only use top up cards. I also still had texting and 3G data/internet service during the last billing day as well. Everything went smooth for me.
  11. JonIndie

    JonIndie Well-Known Member

    which phone do you have.. FreakyX
  12. FreakyX

    FreakyX New Member

    I have the Optimus V.
  13. roaminglamb

    roaminglamb New Member

    When I swapped from the paylo plan to LG OV, I had a balance so the first month was covered, and about $7 left in the account. For my second month, I considered $7 already paid so I just need to pay for the remaining balance, which was $26.1 (25 + tax) - 7 = 19.1. Doing it online, the system automatically adds tax so it tried to charge me $19.1 + tx! I tried a few times to no avail. It's not a lot of extra money but I felt ripped off and I called. The other end said I have to pay tax as if I don't know (from his voice I could tell he's rolling his eyes). I had to explain a few times until he got it, but he can't do anything about it cuz that's the "system". Well it's a stupid system that they ought to change! Finally I put the amount I want to add being (19.1 / sales tax) and the number finally came out right. Dumb system.

    Btw, I bought $100 worth of top up cards on sale and I got 5% back using my credit card so I got like a 10% discount. Not bad as a deal but not very environmentally friendly as I use more plastic than necessary...
  14. duvallite

    duvallite VIP Member VIP Member

    Woke up this morning and my wife's phone had the ROD (bill due date is today), and her talk minutes had not reset to zero. Funny, because I had paid her bill 3 days early using the Pay Now button on the VM website, a method which had successfully worked for my phone a few weeks earlier with no problems. On hers, I ended up having to go to the website and click the Restart My Month button, and that fixed it. Her minutes reset to zero, and she got the notification on her phone that she had switched (?) to the $25 plan, and she has full internet access. The VM payment system is a pain in the ass. Hmmmmm, if it would only work at least one way consistently for everyone..........Oh, I'm sorry, I must be dreaming, because that's just the VM way.

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