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  1. metalcorpse

    metalcorpse New Member

    Okay I rooted my h886c and downloaded supersuser elite, busy box, and a couple of other things. Well here's what I did. I uninstalled busy box then unrooted my phone and did a factory reset.....okay everything is fine then started to root it with the poot app from xda forms ok so restarted it then installed superuser elite and it wasn't picking up anything so I clicked the binary out dated thing it and it failed....then installed. SuperSU and same thing failed to update it any ideas? I'm still a noob at this.

  2. res6jya6

    res6jya6 Member

    Download poot. Install Superuser BEFORE RUNNING POOT!

    Once Superuser is installed, run POOT and let it download Ministro and libs.

    Run poot again, and select "Press here to poot"

    That should do it. You can uninstall Poot and Ministro once you are rooted.
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