BING or Google: Which Do You Use Most

Which Search toll do you use most?

  1. BING!

  2. Google

  3. Both equally used


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  1. Rico ANDROID

    Rico ANDROID Well-Known Member

    I know we androdians are "manufactured" from birth with Google as our feeding bottle. But Ive been checking out BING for awhile and finding I like it a lot. Google seem to be getting into things that you have to manually opt out of instead of sending emails askimg if you like to "opt in" . Several other reasons I am comsidering using BING more.

    What about you guys (cough!..oops!), I mean , what about you fellow androidianites, which DO you prefer and the poll is for which do you use most?


  2. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    Google. Mainly because I can just type what I want to search for in the address bar on chrome and it takes me to the Google results page.

    That being said, whenever I've tried Bing, the results are never exactly what I'm looking for, Google tends to have more relevant results.
  3. StarScream2109

    StarScream2109 Well-Known Member Developer

    Google all the way :D easy and just because its Google :)
  4. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide


    It makes everything easier with my Android, syncing purposes, instant upload, everything.
    Plus my Nexus has a built in google search bar, even though i disabled it :S

    Anyhow, i just find bing annoying as it constantly is trying to find a way to set itself to my default search engine >:O
  5. Rico ANDROID

    Rico ANDROID Well-Known Member

    All good points. For me, ive noticed more graphics when I search bing. But hands-down google maps keep my interests.... Even apple fall short to that!
  6. Tazumm

    Tazumm Member

    Google. Almost exclusively. They will own the world someday, they already have all of the world's knowledge. I say support and search with them so then Google does take over you don't get in some sort of a Bing Prison or something....
  7. Metroid Prime

    Metroid Prime Oil Can!!! Oil Can!!! VIP Member

    I'm going with Google. :)
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  8. scaramouch

    scaramouch Member

    I've tried Bing but it's Google for me
  9. Rico ANDROID

    Rico ANDROID Well-Known Member

    To me, Bing seems to have a better graphic (images) interfacing than google.
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  10. Seanette

    Seanette Well-Known Member

    Google, mostly because it's not Microsoft. :)
  11. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood Moderator

    Bing rewards has given me $50 in a year just for searching. I still have to use Google for many things because it is better but bing is the homepage
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  12. Rico ANDROID

    Rico ANDROID Well-Known Member

    Wow I could use $50. How does bing do that?
  13. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy VIP Member

    I disliked Bing's extra "stuff". When I want to search on the internet, I don't want to have to load a webpage that has a lot of images to load, wants access to my facebook/twitter to see what my friends are searching, etc. Remember when Google tried to do something like what Bing does now? There was an outrage because people just want to be able to search without extra stuff clogging their bandwidth/screens. If you like the extra stuff, then Bing is probably what you want and you should definitely try it.

    I also took Bing's challenge of Bing vs Google. In the blind side-by-side, I picked Google 4/5 times. The one that wasn't a Google win was a draw.
  14. NehaSingh

    NehaSingh Member

    Being the best search engine Google gives much better and latest result. But if somehow end up with browser that has Bing toolbar and Bing as a default search engine I don't mind diving in. I experience that Bing also provides relatively satisfactory result.

    But if you ask for so search something in blank browser I'll go for Google. I'm just use to it and I think many people use to it. It's habbit that cannot be changed so easily.
  15. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood Moderator

    You get points for every couple of searches. Those points are redeemable for many things, but I always opt for the amazon gift cards. That's nearly as good as cash ;)
  16. zuben el genub

    zuben el genub Well-Known Member

    I use Startpage and Iron.

    I will not use Bing, it's in the hosts file on the PC. I'd love to ban it from Android and Ubuntu. MS pissed me off years ago.

    Groupon is in the hosts file, too.

    If I like a site's services, I subscribe to newsletters. I get offers on sales that way.
    Groupon has nothing I want. It's the online equivalent of that Gold C book.

    Does Phandroid have a NL? I can't find one.
  17. Mike Peters

    Mike Peters New Member

    That's an extra vote for Gooooogle !
  18. Raw Dodge

    Raw Dodge Well-Known Member

    Bing is a joke next to google... No contest google.
  19. Rico ANDROID

    Rico ANDROID Well-Known Member


    Wow, we got some die-hard "googling googlers" out there!
  20. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    Google mostly, but if I'm looking for Chinese things I'll use Baidu.
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  21. Rico ANDROID

    Rico ANDROID Well-Known Member

    Thanks! Thats quite interestingto know, that China has its own search-tool secifically or innercontinent, or is it global and can switch language?
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  22. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    Baidu has it's own search-tool, that's really meant for China and is only in Chinese. However it does index non-Chinese websites as well, e.g. searching for "android forums", does give this website at the top.

    It's accessible internationally, but is subject to Chinese internet laws. in Beijing doesn't do search in the Mainland, and going to for search redirects to in Hong Kong SAR. However this is sometimes blocked in the Mainland.

    Bing does officially do a search-tool in China via, which is subject to the internet laws and to comply with its ICP license.

    Baidu is the main search-tool for China, apparently 80% share. Just about all computers I've seen here have Baidu as the browser's homepage. When I bought my new Lenovo phone a few weeks ago, the default internet search was Baidu, and not Google or Bing.

    AFAICT the vast majority of Chinese just never look at foreign sites. China has it's own home-grown equivalents to things like Twitter, Tumblr and Youtube, like Weibo, QQ Zone, Tudou and Youku.
  23. ofteno

    ofteno Member

    whats bing? lol
    i use google, even with IE
  24. Rico ANDROID

    Rico ANDROID Well-Known Member

    I didnt know there were some restrictions within the mainland where Google was not used. Very informative indeed!
  25. Rico ANDROID

    Rico ANDROID Well-Known Member

    .....whats bing?.......Whats B I N G ?!...

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