Bionic Bricked, Linux help!

  1. Jnet9102

    Jnet9102 Member

    So, I have done this before, and was able to fix it using RSD Lite. However, I currently don't have Windows. I have tried 4 different methods in Linux, using the good USB port on my laptop, an OEM USB cable, and keep getting "Flash Failure" in fastboot mode. The battery is fully charged, I used an external charger to fully charge it. I downloaded the .902 file, used motorooter-1.1, the 902 Bionic Pathsaver, And have also tried to use the basic fastboot file, still to no avail.

    I know I can fix this so easily via RSD Lite in Windows. I've done it twice. However, my Windows file system is corrupted, and I can't find my Ultimate Boot Disc at the moment to fix it, so I'm stuck with Windows 8 or Ubuntu 10.10.

    Any advice on how to get this working? Windows 8 does not work for RSD Lite.

    This is the failure message I get:

    Flashing system.img
    sending 'system' (491264 KB)... OKAY
    writing 'system'... INFOPreflash validation failure
    FAILED (remote: )

    Wiping data
    erasing 'userdata'... OKAY
    erasing 'cache'... OKAY

    I got it working, thanks anyway!

    To anyone reading this in the future: Used 1-click Bionic Pathsaver for Linux, VRZ_XT875_5.9.902.XT875.Verizon.en.US_CFC_01.xml file, and was able to copy the files.

  2. cmurder10

    cmurder10 New Member

    Hey do you still have that motorooter file by chance? Ive been looking for it everywhere so I can get the bloatware back to my phone and update it but every link I find is dead. Could you message me if you still have it please
  3. bbacc020

    bbacc020 Member

    Heres a fastboot .batch script I made for windows, FOR USE WITH VRZ_XT875_5.9.902.XT875.Verizon.en.US_CFC_01.xml

    boot into AP Fastboot

    copy/paste this into a text file and save into the folder containing moto-fastboot and these image files:

    moto-fastboot flash mbm allow-mbmloader-flashing-mbm.bin
    moto-fastboot reboot-bootloader
    moto-fastboot flash mbmloader mbmloader.bin
    moto-fastboot flash mbm mbm.bin
    moto-fastboot reboot-bootloader
    moto-fastboot flash cdt.bin cdt.bin
    moto-fastboot erase cache
    moto-fastboot erase userdata
    moto-fastboot erase emstorage
    moto-fastboot flash lbl lbl
    moto-fastboot flash logo.bin logo.bin
    moto-fastboot flash ebr ebr
    moto-fastboot flash mbr mbr
    moto-fastboot flash devtree device_tree.bin
    moto-fastboot flash system system.img
    moto-fastboot flash boot boot.img
    moto-fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
    moto-fastboot flash cdrom cdrom
    moto-fastboot flash preinstall preinstall.img
    moto-fastboot flash emstorage emstorage.img
    moto-fastboot flash webtop grfs.img
    moto-fastboot flash radio radio.img
    Save as motofix.bat

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