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Bit of a strange one with GPS App.

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  1. MrRalphMan

    MrRalphMan Member This Topic's Starter

    Aug 1, 2010
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    I'm putting together a GPS App and am having some strange things happen with it.

    It's a simple app with three activities, One main menu and two for displaying GPS data.

    The first one uses a MapView and works fine.
    The second displays the speed and other info, but this one is getting intermittent GPS signals. ie the actual GPS icon disappears and reappears.

    The MapView and other GPS apps I have, Copilot for example, have rock solid GPS signals, but this one doesn't.

    It uses the same code to create a locationmanager and listener and to set up the listener. Just the code changes in the onLocationChanged event.

    I cannot see or think of anything that might do this, it just causes the display of the speed to be very hit and miss.

    Many Thanks,



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