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  1. CaptainStance

    CaptainStance Member

    Sooo there have been rumours that RIM are going to bring out the BBM to androids and iOS but so far thats mostly been rumours soo my question is:
    Are there any chat apps for the Android wich like the BBM are PIN based and more importantly encrypt the messages like the BBM?!

  2. kingdave

    kingdave Well-Known Member

    Not sure on the specifics you're after, but I use WhatsApp to talk to my iPhone, BlackBerry and Android friends. Phone number based rather than PIN but not sure about the encryption part. Never really thought about it and doesn't really bother me.
  3. CaptainStance

    CaptainStance Member

    yeah I use WhatsApp too which is a great app to chat for n all that
    but I kinda like the idea of giving away ur PIN rather then ur whole phone number and encrypted messages just gets more and more attractive to me as goverments are trying to get control over all the new medias we're using
  4. kingdave

    kingdave Well-Known Member

    I take it you've not seen the UK government and RIM helping each other out in identifying the recent rioters and looters? Can't see now how BBM would stop anyone snooping.
  5. CaptainStance

    CaptainStance Member

    yeah but thats cause its been on such a large massive scale usually RIM dont do that unless say the feds where hunting me on murder charges or major drug cases which Im preeeeetty sure wont happen :D
  6. takeshi

    takeshi Well-Known Member

    No. Android devices don't have PIN's as they're not BB's.

    Even if you mean "PIN messaging" when you say PIN the answer is still no as you'd need access to RIM's infrastructure for PIN messaging.
  7. CaptainStance

    CaptainStance Member

    mh ok thanks for the info....
  8. RyanB

    RyanB Guest

    OP, is it things like encryption that you're specifically looking for, or are you just interested in a decent IM client. Personally, I'm a big fan of GTalk as it comes on all Androids, and it works in any desktop browser that can pull up GMail, so it's good just about everywhere. Maybe it gets overlooked because it's part of the stock software, but its ubiquitous nature makes it awfully handy for me.
  9. bluekarlo

    bluekarlo Active Member

    How about Liveprofile?

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