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  1. tiff

    tiff New Member

    so my motorola android screen decided randomly not to work today. it was working fine this morning when i took it off of the charger, but when i checked it at work, the screen was illuminated but black. initially, i thought the battery had died, until my little green notification light went off. i have taken the battery out and put it back in a couple of times as this has happened twice before and that fixed the problem, but it's still not working, and everything else about the phone seems to be operating normally. i read a couple of other threads about doing a restore on the phone, but i don't know how to do that. the phone's been dropped a couple of times but not recently. any suggestions? is my phone toast? thanks!


  2. skilaufen

    skilaufen Well-Known Member


    A restore or factory reset is for a software glitch or OS issue. It sounds like yours is more of a hardware issue. Others have had screens die where they could interact with the phone but not see anything. If your phone is less than 12 months old or you have the insurance option (which generally includes extending the warranty) then take it in to Verzion and they will probably swap it out for you for a Certiified Like New replacement.

    That is all I can suggest since it sounds like your screen died.
  3. tiff

    tiff New Member

    well, thank you very much for responding! i don't have insurance and purchased the phone in 11/09, so i guess it's time to call verizon and figure out what to do next. :(
  4. skilaufen

    skilaufen Well-Known Member

    You should still try and take it in to Verizon. The worst they can say is nothing can be done. They may have a solution for you.

    You can also get a used Droid 1 for about the same price as the insurance deductible from what I have seen in other posts (something to consider if your looking to save money).

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