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  1. herm51871

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    When I go into the camera app to take a pic there is a little black mark. I have the stock camera app plus camera 360 and the mark shows up in both apps. It is there when looking thru the viewfinder and also shows up on the picture. I have only had this NS4G for a month and I've never dropped it or anything. The last pic I took before today was on the 17th and the mark isn't there. Today it is and there is no scratches or anything for that matter on the lens or the glass cover over it. Can anyone help me fix this?? This is my first post I'll add a pic to illustrate when it will let me

  2. herm51871

    herm51871 New Member

    The black mark went away on its own the day after the thread started. Then 2 days later the mark came back in a different spot and has moved places again. The phone has never been wet or dropped or gotten any scratches. Sprint had me do a hard reset and that didn't help so they will replace the phone for 35 dollars if I can take it to a store. The problem is I am in a hospital 4 hours from home and will be here for another month. My family can't take it for me either. It will not let me upload the photos from my phone web browser, and forgive my ignorance but i dont know how to make a url for the pic. Can you please tell me how to make the URL or if someone gives me their email address I will gladly send them 3 pics of a wall where you can clearly see the mark in 3 different places. Please help
  3. herm51871

    herm51871 New Member

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