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  1. Shudder

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    Nov 7, 2010
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    Okay. Might have missed these answers seeing as I've been drinking a bit of strong beer but I have two questions.

    One - I've Googled black.png so I can use it as my home screen but haven't came across anything I could use. What I'm doing now is using a screen I took with my camera where I just covered the lens and snapped a shot. Will that work the same to save battery power? If not, where can I specifically het a black.png screen?

    Two - I keep on having to change my screen brightness level from the lowest to whatever it goes to after awhile. Why doesn't it stay where I put it? How can I keep it where I want, which is the lowest level?

    By the way, I'm Stephen King.

    I'm lying about something on here.


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