Black screen after OTA-update to 2.2.1

  1. olag

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    yesterday I received an OTA with 2.2.1. After unpacking and installing the update my phone rebooted as normal. When booting the Nexus-logo appears, but afterwards the display remains black. There are indications that the phone boots up as normal, as I can hear the sounds (ex emergency-call) when pressing the display. The display works perfect in boot-menu (rescue etc)

    I've tried to do a factory reset and pulled out the battery several times to try to reset - all with no luck.

    In addition I've placed an on the sd-card in order to perform a new manual update, but after choosing recovery, my phone restarts and the screen turns black.

    Any idea how to solve this?

  2. Rusty

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    Do you have an AMOLED of SLCD screen do you know? Just a thought.
  3. olag

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  4. gonzavala

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    Hi olag, had the same issue two days ago. I put it in the nexus one forum and also emailed google: Just installed 2.2.1 OTA and the screen is completely dark - phone bricked - Android Help

    It seemed there was no solution to the problem. I called HTC and they told me that it was the first time they had heard of the problem, and told me to send the phone for repair.

    Today, the phone was due to be picked up, but all of the sudden it started working again!!

    Not sure if this will happen to you. But steps are:
    1) clear all data (press volume down+power for a while, then select appropriate option)
    2) Turn off the phone
    3) Leave off for a day or so
    4) Hope for the best!!

    Or, call HTC, they were quite good actually over the phone.

    Hope that helps.


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