Black Screen but Recognizes TouchSupport

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  1. antnonymous

    antnonymous New Member

    My sister's Galaxy S2 was slammed between a door, cracking the screen a bit and causing it to go blank (black). The weird thing is that it still recognizes touch. I was able to power it off by holding down the lock button and pressing the general area on the screen where it would say "Power off."

    I know that when most screens are cracked (or even severely shattered), they usually still work. Does this mean that the screen is most likely partially disconnected? If so, where can I find a guide for disassembling it?

    If a better reason is given for why it is broken rather than just cracked, is there a site that sells cheap screens? So far the cheapest I found was $180.

  2. cam86john

    cam86john Member

    Oh no.
  3. antnonymous

    antnonymous New Member

    thanks -.-

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