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    Jan 2, 2011
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    well, my phone was previously rooted, rom'd, themed, and overclocked...all that good stuff. and i went to back to stock.

    and well now im stuck at the "PHONE--!--PC" screen.
    i can get it into DL mode, and i can get it into "android system recovery <2a>" and will show up on Odin as connected, but my computer will not recognize it as pluged into the computer if i wanted to look in the files on my SD card or anything.

    im just curious as to how i can get my phone back up and running again.
    seems like the stock recovery i used didnt do anything. when the phone tries to reboot after Odin, it just goes into the android recovery screen.

    my options are: reboot system now
    apply sdcaed
    wipe data/fact reset
    wipe cache

    i can wipe both. SD card is empty, so i do not have on it, and dont know how to get it on there with the computer not reading the phone. and when i hit reboot it goes to the samsung screen and stays there for a little and then goes back into recovery mode.

    here is what the screen looks like when i turn it on:


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