Black Screen Of Death - View from PC anyway? Let's try!

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  1. ShawnWDP

    ShawnWDP Member

    There are tons of threads on tons of forums about the HTC Evo 3D (and others) randomly sporting the dreaded "Black Screen Of Death." The capacitive keys still light up, the touch screen still works, but the LCDs don't light up at all; Just the blank electroluminescent backlight.

    Well, it happened to me this morning. Naturally I took it to a repair center and they have ordered me a replacement. That should be the end of this story, right?

    I'm too much of a curious person for that. I want to know how much data can be recovered beyond the SD Card contents (Missed Texts? Call history?), and if we can actually figure out why it happens, or even if we can fix it.

    If I have remote access to my 3VO's visual information via my PC, I'll be able to recover the texts I have received since my screen went blank. I'll also be able to uninstall apps to see if one of them is causing the problem.

    Idea 1:
    I know there are addons for the Android SDK that allow us to remotely view our phone's screen from our PC or Mac, such as These, however, require USB Debugging to be enabled which, of course, my phone does not have enabled.

    If I can enable that, I might be able to at least see what the phone is doing using the Android SDK and a remote view plugin.

    Since the touch sensors still work, anyone with a 3VO feel like posting screen-by-screen screenshots of getting to the USB Debugging option?

    Idea 2:
    Is there an app I can load onto my phone that will allow remote viewing through the USB cable? My phone defaults to 'Charge Only,' but again, two simple screenshots can get me to the button to switch to "Disk Drive."

  2. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    This has indeed happened to other platforms (moto hardware and lots of handsets after froyo) so lets move the thread to a more broader audience to help/assist with your experiments.
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  3. ShawnWDP

    ShawnWDP Member

    Sounds good :)

    I think its worth experimenting on this phone since its being replaced anyway.

    Sadly, I seem to have enabled airplane mode from the Power Options menu. Trying to find that button again haha.
  4. raduzsk

    raduzsk New Member

    Hello ShawnWDP,

    I have exactly the same problem. Please, has anybody help you? I also need the pictures for step-by-step enableing the debugging mode. Or can you write me, how did you solved the problem?

    Thanks a lot.


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