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Black screen problem ?Support

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  1. CGdroid

    CGdroid Active Member

    Hi , my razor screen just went black yesterday and was completely unresponsive regardless of how long I pressed the power button. Did anyone see this issue on their razor ?

    Is this the same black screen problem from bionic ? :confused:

    I had to press the power button + down volume key for 10 sec to "pull the battery" to recover. :mad:

    By the way the battery is 100% charged.

  2. sean76

    sean76 Well-Known Member

    You my friend have just been introduced to the dreaded Black Screen Of Death!

    Its a major problem on the Bionic, in my 2 months of owning the Bionic I've gotten it probably about a dozen times! Very Very annoying, and I guess it found its way on to the Razr thanks to Motorola!

    Its an easy fix by doing an internal battery pull, so no issues with taking the case off, and battery door off and all that! But still it shouldn't have made its way onto the Razr...Moto still hasn't sent out a fix to Bionic owners....Alarming!
  3. esn

    esn Well-Known Member

    I haven't seen that issue yet but I am sure there is a few defective devices out there. I would return it for a replacement. Luckily the only issue I have had is the signal issue and so far after resetting the 4G sim card it is working good. And since this device is steller otherwise I can live with a few small issues.
  4. icequeen1369

    icequeen1369 New Member

    Though thank you for posting how you fixed it! i was about to try some good wall throwing... ANYWAY it seems to be a reacurring issue for me as well:mad:
  5. bikemike

    bikemike New Member

    Hello All,

    My new Razr started doing this on days 1,2,4 & 5. It first appeared when the battery was low, 20%, then even when the system was fully charged. It would always happen when the phone was un-attended.

    I just discovered on another thread that Screeble was killing the battery and I have removed it and hope it may have been contributing to the problems.

    I have one week left to decide if I am going to keep this phone and I hope the answer is yes.
  6. snakelegs

    snakelegs New Member

    By holding down the power button while also holding down the down volume button for ten (10) seconds I was able to re-start my phone. Honestly, I now have grave concerns that this is the start of something that will continue. Can anyone from Verizon or anyone else explain exactly why this happened??? Should I be heading back to the Verizon Store and explaining that I want this unit replaced? I have a sneaking suspicion that they will tel me that they can't duplicate the problem and that everything looks fine to them, etc. [With me, the battery was at 70%, and it was unattended.....sitting next to me without being touched with the screen black when it locked up.] THX--B
  7. Thom

    Thom Guides Guide

    We spent a lot of time on the Bionic with this type of problem and collected the results in ... BSOD (Black Screen of Death).

    You might find it useful making the obvious changes for the Razr (like how to do a reset).

    Many of the failures turned out to be bad SIM cards and once replaced the failures stopped. Some bad batteries. Some errant apps. Some bad devices.

    Good luck.

    ... Thom
  8. briangonzalez1

    briangonzalez1 New Member

    my droid has problem with the screen when you unlocck the screen it goes to the home page but the applications wont show any of them. but it will notify me when i have mesages or anything but wont open any applications. i really dont know what the problem is., i i have tried taking out the baterry and turning off and on but it keeps on doing the same thing
  9. Grey1001

    Grey1001 Well-Known Member

    Since you mention pulling the battery I think you're in the wrong forum, this is for the RAZR which doesn't have a removable battery ( without a lot of extra work ).

    Try the OG Droid forum maybe.

    Motorola Droid - Android Forums
  10. essexzilla

    essexzilla New Member

    i just encountered this and it was discovered to be because of installing go locker. the fix is to turn your phone off and when it is completely off power it back up while immediately holding BOTH volume keys down as soon as the dual core screen shows up and continue to hold them down until the phone has booted up and you see at the bottom of the screen that it is in "safe mode." then go into manage applications and delete suspected applications usually the one you last downloaded.
  11. rmcgreavy07

    rmcgreavy07 New Member

    i had this problem just today, glad to have found the answer here online but i had the phone like 5 days .. hoping this doesnt continue but the thread doesnt look too promising on that.. :confused:
  12. rmcgreavy07

    rmcgreavy07 New Member

    actually the RAZR does have a battery pull option to switch off the power if the phone crashes or freezes etc.. you hold down the power button and the down volume button for 10 seconds and it stops all power into the phone (like restarting) then you just turn on as normal and chose what mode to start it..

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