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  1. ashleyalison

    ashleyalison New Member

    Completely out of the blue my phone's screen went black and won't 'wake up'. The buttons, led light and keypad still light up so I know the phone is one. But the screen is completely blank.

    I've read many different forums and they all say to change different settings -- kinda hard to do when there isn't a screen to do that!

    Also, others said removing the battery and restarting the phone works. No such luck with mine. Screen stays blank even after rebooting, taking sim card and battery out and leaving it alone for hours. No idea what to do.

  2. karendar

    karendar Well-Known Member

    Black screen issue which could be fixed by battery pull was due to an old Android version which had faulty wifi drivers... If you updated to version v20a about 6 months ago, this would be the case. But if you do a battery pull and screen is still black, you might have a faulty phone...

    There's a thread in the All things root forum which provides a way of restoring a bricked Shine Plus, this might be a good place to start for you. If you can get your phone in emergency mode, there might be hope.

    Try this:

    Put your battery back in (DON'T POWER ON PHONE JUST YET), slide out keyboard, hold 1, then plug in a USB cable going to your PC while holding down 1... See if "Emergency mode!" pops up on the screen... If so, your phone may be fixable through the foolproof guide:

    Foolproof guide
  3. ashleyalison

    ashleyalison New Member

    I was going to give your advice a try, but noticed that the phone has no life in it at all. Not even while plugged in.
  4. karendar

    karendar Well-Known Member

    Right, but Emergency mode is a bypass mode from usual phone operations, so it's worth a shot. Usually when you have a black screen like that, aside from hardware failure, it could be a corrupted bootloader... Emergency mode bypasses the bootloader to restore the phone.

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