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  1. jjhong

    jjhong Member

    For all those who abandoned blackberries (or even WM, Palm), can you please share the best apps you have found to replace some of the BB features?

    For starters here is one of my favorites:
    -If you miss BBM(or were addicted to BBM), try Kik Messenger from the Android Market. It was developed by a former BB employee. Great App!

    I want to know what other apps you found useful!


  2. cheech4

    cheech4 Well-Known Member

    can't go wrong with Poynt, still to this day its my favorite app. tune in radio is great too. weatherbug i think is the best free weather app. bar code scanner is a good free scanner. Bloomberg to follow stocks and the market is good. i just try them if i like them i keep if not i uninstall.

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