Blackberry to Inspire?

  1. H2oFowler

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    My phone is also my PDA. Every afternoon I go back to the office, plug in my phone and sync with my local Outlook. I bought a Windows Mobile 7 phone and I was shocked I couldn't do that. It went back the next day. I had several friends whose Hotmail accounts were somehow hacked last year and they were sending viruses everywhere. There is no chance my contacts are going in the cloud.

    Do you folks think the Inspire will sync with local Outlook as well as a Blackberry?

    Can you believe Microsoft doesnt sync as well as a Blackberry (thats rhetorical)?

  2. MarcMaiden

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    Outlook doesnt sync on WP7 through the computer, it syncs through the cloud. You need to go into settings -> accounts -> Outlook and sign in with the account you use to log into outlook

    as for the inspire, there is no native syncing however you can get applications that do so.

    check out and search "outlook sync" and you should find some apps that will do so
  3. H2oFowler

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    Do you think they are as bomb proof as Blackberry? I really want a phone with better internet capability and maybe even watch a movie or something when I am out in the field for a couple of days. But my first concern is having my contacts and appointments up to date.

  4. There shouldn't be an problems especially do it all through gmail
  5. H2oFowler

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    Thanks, for the help. I am going to give this a try, and if it doesnt work well enough I can always run back to Blackberry.

  6. You wont ;)
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