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Blank or garbled text SMS messagesSupport

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  1. GorDog

    GorDog Member

    I got my girlfriend a used MyTouch SLIDE that was unlocked.

    She is using it with TelCel in Mexico

    I have G2 and use MySimpleMobile

    First few days were fine, no issues, sending texts back and forth no problem

    then after a few days I get a message that looks like something typed in the low end fo the ASCII alphabet and sympbols %@#$%#@$% /' etc very strange, than blank.

    Every message either comes blank or with very strange characters.

    She receives just fine.

    She can read mine and she gets other messages, can type and send messages to her sister just fine in Mexico. So not the keyboard and she can call me on the phone from Mexico no problem as well.

    Sending SMS messages back and forth from Mexico via TelCel is usually pretty easy. She had a BlackBerry Tour for a while and it worked great.

    So I'm not sure what the issue is.

    Could it be software?
    Maybe switch it to be 2G only???
    I'm baffeled?

  2. GorDog

    GorDog Member

    Come on guys? Nothing?

    I just got the phone back from her and it is still not sending messages. Could it be the SIM???

    Android 2.2.1
    Build 2.15.531.3 CL340557 Release-keys

    Would upgrading the software change anything???
  3. GorDog

    GorDog Member

    Well same ol poop.

    I took phone and reset all data and created an Google Account for her.

    I put in a SimpleMobile SIM Activated it and was able to work almost perfect. I installed applications, WiFi worked. Only thing I could not get to work was MMS. Ran out of patience with it and she needed her phone back.

    I installed the A TelCel SIM and I put in the following from a Google Search
    And was able to text back and forth to the USA with no problems.

    Intstalled her SIM and the first few came across fine, .. than the same thing happened again. Messages started coming in like: #$%62/<< all sorts of strange chars. Than it went away again?

    Anybody got any idea what might be the root cause??? Bad SIM? It's not TelCel. I text back and forth with other people with TelCel phone for years and no issues.

    It must be something with the phone. I did force the phone to be GSM only and not CDMA.

    This i a post I found on Google I found helpful... but my problem still remains and can not find any help. :mad::mad::mad::mad:

    Always include:

    Device: All Android phones
    Carrier: TELCEL (Mexico)
    Country / Language: Mexico / Spanish and English
    OS / Browser / build number (if applicable): Android Eclair, Froyo

    I have been receiving numerous requests and questions as to how to configure an Android phone to be used with M
  4. Cramill

    Cramill Well-Known Member

    Dang, wish I could help but I (and it seems no one else on this myTouch Slide forum, either) don't have experience with this phone and Mexico. That guide you posted looked pretty useful. I'm sure you've tried everything it said, huh?

    Too bad that it doesn't fix it completely for you, but maybe it will help someone else.
  5. GorDog

    GorDog Member

    May not be any of the issues...

    Got her a Desire Z a true international phone. Works perfect 3G .. but the text message problem persists.

    I think it is her SIM Card. Working on that tomorrow. :cool:
  6. a2tek

    a2tek New Member

    Hey, im new to this forum, but i have been reading this thread and i have to give you all my thanks, it has helped me out so much. I am currently living in mexico, and i brought my droid2 global, and was struggling trying to connect it to the 3g telcel network and also wit the mms messages, but thanks to you i was finally able to activate these services. THANK YOU.
    but there is one small problem lol
    at times i receive a pop up that says NETWORK MESSAGE and it is blank, i belive its notifying me of a low balance and that i need to put more money on my phone plan, i was wondering if there was any way for me to be able to see this NETWORK MESSAGE that pops up ...because i cant seem to be able to view it.
    are there specific settings that my phone (android 2 global) running on the latest GINGERBREAD, that would allow it to perform to its fullest?? thanks in advanced
  7. aztecaa

    aztecaa Member

  8. aztecaa

    aztecaa Member

    Still can not send any sms messages and my previous post about the 2 messages being blank is incorrect. They did not go through at all.
    Any one know what the E with a up and down arrow next to the Green power bars at the top right is?

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