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Blank Screen when turned onSupport

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  1. Tr10pt1c0n

    Tr10pt1c0n Member

    I have a Motorola Triumph. I believe it is refurbished as I had to get my new one replaced when nothing but green text appeared. Something about HW and SW versions, etc.

    Last night I flashed to CM7 using the instructions in the sticky thread here. Before that, I had a stock phone. Before I went to CM7, though, I was having issues where the screen would be blank when I tried to wake it up. People said it was the Wifi sleep policy, so I set it to never. Seemed to work fine.

    Last night I installed CM7 following the instructions posted by agentc13. I installed CWM just fine, then I installed CyanogenMod 7 by Tickerguy. Everything seemed to be working great. I then put a new splash.img on. Looks great.

    However, today, the first day I have really been using it since installing CM7, there are times when I turn it on and the screen is blank. It seems to be working fine (get notifications when a text arrives, etc) but there is nothing displayed. The only way I have found to get it to show is take out the battery and turn it back on. But, it does not always work. Sometimes it has taken several tries to get it back on properly.

    Any ideas? I tried searching for similar issue but could not find anything but hopefully someone knows a fix.

    It is still under warranty from VM so I guess I could restore to stock and complain about the blank screen when trying to wake it up...


  2. agentc13

    agentc13 Daleks Über Alles VIP Member

    Sometimes after I boot the phone up, the screen will be backlit but not have anything showing. I am able to press the power button (to turn the screen off) and then once more (to turn it on) and it is ok. This also works when my screen appears washes out (very whitish). I know that isn't exactly what you are asking, but would doing the same thing work?

    Have you tried the wifi sleep policy on CM7 as well?
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  3. Tr10pt1c0n

    Tr10pt1c0n Member

    Yes, I have Wifi Sleep policy set to never. I am sure I have pressed the power button a couple times without anything working. I will try when it happens again. Thanks.
  4. agentc13

    agentc13 Daleks Über Alles VIP Member

    Well, my advice may not help then. You can try reflashing the ROM. If it keeps happening I would try calling VM.
  5. ive never seen this issue on my phone, but it does not sound like a hardware problem.

    if I was in your shoes, id double or triple wipe everything in recovery and install the rom completely fresh.

    but thats just me, other than that, I havent had to experience that on any rom on my triumph, so im just poking in the dark
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  6. Tr10pt1c0n

    Tr10pt1c0n Member

    Last night I had the white screen and was able to press Power a couple times to clear it. I also had it not wake up (black screen but the menu/home buttons brighten) and was able to unlock it with a swipe and then when I pressed Power/Volume Down it vibrated and the screen came on.

    This morning I turned it on and it came on with a blank screen. So far, nothing I have tried works.

    When you say wipe everything in recovery, is that the same steps you take when installing a custom ROM, which I did:

    "Select wipe data/factory reset. This will wipe your /system and /data. You should also format your /cache under the mounts and storage options."

    I realized as I was thinking about this that after I installed CM7, my settings for my WiFi networks were saved. I never had to re-enter the information. Is there a way to wipe everything completely?

    Thanks for the help. While this is a little frustrating, it is rather fun figuring things out.
  7. Tr10pt1c0n

    Tr10pt1c0n Member

    And I just now hit the power button and the screen comes on...*sigh*...

  8. wifi passwords are saved if at the first boot of CM7 you select "back this device up with my google account"

    it saves little things like wifi passwords, custom wallpapers, certain app data.

    thats normal, your wipe was probably a full wipe and the google backup brought that info back

    If you run cm7, once, select that tiny option at the start, it backs up your data and the next time you wipe and reflash cm7, if you leave that option selected again it will restore the data it saved last time. which is why you still have your wifi pass
  9. Tr10pt1c0n

    Tr10pt1c0n Member

    Well, I re-flashed CM7 last night. I wiped everything per the steps again using CWM. So far, so good.

    However, this time my apps were not downloaded automatically. My wifi passwords, etc were there, though. I have the options selected to backup and restore checked.

  10. Tr10pt1c0n

    Tr10pt1c0n Member

    I think I need to stop saying it is working...

    This time every time it went to sleep the screen would not come on.

    SO tech support is sending me a replacement phone.

    Just want to make sure to go back to stock, I restore the nandroid backup I made prior to going to CM7. Then I boot into polling mode and put the original recovery.img file back on. I have already done all this and it looks stock to me. I will do a factory reset, etc before sending it back but wanted to make sure there was nothing else I should do?

    Thanks everyone for the help.
  11. marc12868

    marc12868 Well-Known Member Contributor

    That's all you should have to do.
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