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  1. rbeier1221

    rbeier1221 New Member

    Sadly I cannot post the link yet, but I noticed today there is a topic on T-Mobile's website about an update to ICS coming soon. No date is listed, but nice to know it is being planned. :D

    The topic can be found by clicking support on T-mobile dot com, selecting the Blaze and then selecting 'all content'. Currently the first topic.

  2. Crimson Fog

    Crimson Fog Active Member

    Nice, I can't wait. I love this phone in every way, except that its a 2012 phone with old software. Let's go guys!
  3. CirkDroid

    CirkDroid Well-Known Member

    Even though I just got this phone, I'm not holding my breath on a 4.0 release. My opinion is that since T-Mobile is releasing the HTC One in just a few days, they will pretty much be intentionally delaying ICS for the Galaxy phones so they can "influence" people into buying the HTC One.

    First month sales figures are scrutinized rather heavily, and let's face it, T-Mobile has not been getting a lot of new customers lately.
  4. whchuang

    whchuang Member

    From this article it seems that Blaze WILL be getting ICS
  5. LiveFaster

    LiveFaster Member

    Im really hoping its release soon! And even maybe with the ability to uninstall all the bloatware
  6. as439726

    as439726 Well-Known Member

    Root it and remove the bloat bro
  7. agentc13

    agentc13 Daleks Über Alles VIP Member

    With ICS you can disable system apps, but without rooting you're not going to be able to remove them completely.
  8. as439726

    as439726 Well-Known Member

    Very true
  9. JaeWeb

    JaeWeb Well-Known Member

    i about had a heart attack this morning, I got an OTA software update this morning. I thought it was ICS but nope, phone says it's still running Gingerbread, version 2.3.6. Womp.
  10. SillyDroid

    SillyDroid New Member

    My phone is not rooted, and never has been rooted. i wanted to do a factory reset, but when trie Vol up+ vol down+ power button. it works but then it just shows a screen that gets filled up with green dots and then it just stays there.. what do i do. i never did anything. -_- i have a Galaxy s Blaze 4g. any advice links and stuff will help me :) thanks. i really wanna put back to stock and i just recently got an update from tmbobile and i tried to install it but it restarted and it stayed on the same green screen with dots.. HELP:(
  11. Ubizmo

    Ubizmo Active Member

    I got that update notice this morning, but I'm unable to do the update. My Blaze is rooted, but I have no custom ROM installed. It says I should try to update via Kies, but I don't see any way to do that.
  12. as439726

    as439726 Well-Known Member

    I got the same update. Love the phone, but having issues since the update. Random reboots, loss of app functionality requiring me to uninstall and reinstall some apps. Had to change my app to sd application as well. Previous one stopped working with the update.
    Anyone else having same problems?

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