BlindType Acquired by Google!

  1. airjordan223

    airjordan223 Well-Known Member

    Saw this on droid life the other day. HOW DOES IT KNOW!!!1!1ONE!!

    Hopefully they release a free beta version.
  2. drdoom

    drdoom Well-Known Member

    I have seen this before. Hopefully, this acquisition will speed up the development for Android.
  3. airjordan223

    airjordan223 Well-Known Member

    Yeah but we probably wont get it because apple has a patent on touch screen keyboards for phones...
  4. drdoom

    drdoom Well-Known Member

    I thought they had a patent on phones period? :confused:
  5. Cincybearcatfan

    Cincybearcatfan Well-Known Member

    I'd read rumors before as well, but looks like they made it official yesterday. Yes, hopefully this speeds up development for Android. It certainly throws a TON of money at development. From what I've read, BlindType was hoping Apple would acquire them, looks like they balked at the chance and Google didn't.
  6. airjordan223

    airjordan223 Well-Known Member

    they also patented the color white and aluminum.

    good thing their phone doesnt get a signal or else they would patent that too
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  7. euph_22

    euph_22 Well-Known Member

    The do have a patent on Lack of Signal.
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  8. airjordan223

    airjordan223 Well-Known Member

    oh of course, i forgot iLoS is their new feature
  9. AHanks12

    AHanks12 Well-Known Member

    Okay Okay, enough about the freak'in iPhone and what they've patented.....let's get back to the original point of this thread.....when are we getting Blind Type!! How the hell does it auto correct like that? There's gotta be a smarty-pants out there that can explain this.
  10. booser4

    booser4 Well-Known Member

    Don't they have a patent on patents as well?
  11. mike1

    mike1 Well-Known Member

    i think you guys have taken the whole "patent" thing too far...
  12. NOLA_Droid

    NOLA_Droid Well-Known Member

    Yeah. I hate Steve Handjobs and his fruit gadgets. Bastard thinks he invented everything.:p
  13. airjordan223

    airjordan223 Well-Known Member

    Don't know if you guys saw but apple just patented forums....looks like we're gonna be shutdown soon
  14. Cincybearcatfan

    Cincybearcatfan Well-Known Member

    Not a genius and probably over simplifying (ok REALLY over simplifying) but any of the keyboards that auto correct or suggest use algorithms that help them "guess" or "suggest" likely words. Swype, SwiftKey, ShapeWriter, or any keyboard like that uses their own version of the algorithms. As for BlindType, they seem to have designed an awesome algorithm that can compensate for even more severe typing errors. I say "seem to" because I've never seen it in the wild, nor have I ever seen anyone using it in anything other than controlled "promo" videos. I hope it can do all that it promises to do and seems it can. If it can . . . who wouldn't want to use it if you have to use touch keyboards?

    I can't wait to try it out! :)
  15. mike1

    mike1 Well-Known Member

    so when might this be released
  16. Cincybearcatfan

    Cincybearcatfan Well-Known Member

    Hopefully sooner rather than later now that Google has acquired it.
  17. Taylored

    Taylored Well-Known Member

    I am pretty exited about this. I love swyping keyboards but this would be great in landscape multi-touch. If this accuracy holds as true in real life it should be pretty fun.
  18. Jakaro

    Jakaro Well-Known Member

    I gave up on Swype because i dont think they will ever release to the market, now im on swiftkey, its not a favorite of mine at all, but it works. I cant wait to try this out, looks promising!
  19. Cincybearcatfan

    Cincybearcatfan Well-Known Member

    Blind Type is GONE! I just clicked --> Blind Type and it is gone. Their website is no longer there. I did a Google Search and no link for the website works. I know it was acquired by Google, do you think Google closed the website because they are getting ready to release it?
  20. chrlswltrs

    chrlswltrs Well-Known Member

    If it was acquired by google it would make more sense to integrate the algorithms into the stock keyboard than to have a separate keyboard app. More that likely the "blind type" keyboard will be integrated with the stock keyboard in Gingerbread and it will just be a lot better stock.
  21. baillou2

    baillou2 Well-Known Member

    Just about. They would patent air if they could get away with it.

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