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  1. ballerholic

    ballerholic Member

    my INC just turned off randomly when I was setting up some stuff and the orange light just keeps blinking when it's plugged in to charge but it doesn't look like it's charging because I can't turn it on.
    What's going on?

  2. necosino

    necosino Well-Known Member

    There's something wrong with the battery, possibly overheating. Take out the battery for at least 15 minutes, then try again.
  3. ballerholic

    ballerholic Member

    so I tried that and it stays a steady orange light now, but when it's on the lock screen, it says 'charging' (0%)
    is this typical while it's charging and it only shows you the percentage after you unplug it?
  4. dar101

    dar101 New Member

    actually(and i'm not trying to buck you or anything)one blink orange one blink red and so on is the sign of an over heating battery i would have thought the same as you in this case if i didn't know better but from every thing that i can find on Google and from htc and android and Verizon this steady orange light means the battery just went south and gave up and yes i right this as someone who has had this happen to them not just someone who looked it up in fact its happening to me right now witch is how i found this thread :'(

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