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  1. mcmuffin

    mcmuffin New Member

    Aaaaa... My 'droid has gone insane! In the upper left corner of the actual phone, not the screen, there's a constant red f'n blinker - it prob should blink only when someone's calling you, or that's the only time when I've seen it blink at me with actual purpose. I'm not talking about the charging blinker, but in the one in the very very far left upper corner.

    I've tried rebooting the phone, I've taken the battery off for 10++ minutes, the phone's fully charged, I've used task killer, memory's not full, and I haven't installed new apps for like a week. This f'n light started blinking yesterday, and hasn't stopped even for a minute. I cannot think of any other easy solutions - I'm desperate here! Has anyone had the same problem? Can anyone save my phone?!

    (I'm actually so frustrated with the blink blink blink blink blinkblinkblink that I'm thinking of switching phones...)

    Quick answers please, before I lose all my marbles!

  2. abc_gr

    abc_gr New Member

    I've been having the same problem all day today, and I have been looking for a solution on the web for the past two hours. While reading your post, it occurred to me that I updated "Viber" today.. Instead of uninstalling, I just exited... The blinking stopped. Re-entering the application restarts the blinking...
    I just visited google play and found this...
    I know that's not a solution to the problem, but maybe a clue.
  3. mcmuffin

    mcmuffin New Member

    Oh god, thank you! I didn't even remember updating Viber, but that's right, it DID update itself today. I forced it to quit, and yes, the oh-so-annoying red light died with it. Buuuut when opened again, the blinking returned too. What kind of devilry is this?!

    So glad it wasn't the phone that started bugging, but the app. Now at least I know what the problem is. Hopefully Viber will fix it soon, or else... :hmpf:
  4. mmmlll

    mmmlll New Member

    Thnx abc_gr , i have same prob. I hope "Viber" fix that soon.
  5. nu2andy

    nu2andy Well-Known Member

    Googling found that Viber have indeed got a problem with their Updates causing problems in all makes of phones.
    Might pay to try Skype. Neil.

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