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  1. gigg423

    gigg423 Well-Known Member

    OK I'm a little confused regarding bloatware. Is there any real performance benefit to removing bloatware? I can see getting rid of it just because it clutters up the application list. But I am wondering if it provides any real performance benefit, or frees up memory for installing things you might actually use.

  2. surgerush

    surgerush Well-Known Member

    My phone is so smooth after freezing up all that garbage, I'm also doing better with battery life. Cleared up quite a bit of ram.

    If you go into the all things root subforum up top, there's more information.
  3. zcarman

    zcarman Well-Known Member

    Yes, uninstalling will free up storage space (not such an issue yet on the Exhibit II) but RAM is very limited so FREEZING it will help plenty.

    Freezing the basics will leave you about 35-50MB additional of the 350MB in the RAM of the phone - or about a 20% increase in performance. You'll probably only need this after installing quite a few Apps, but it never hurts to do it early.
  4. captainbob

    captainbob Well-Known Member

    I have dozens and dozens of apps on my phone and alot of storage space left. System memory, I am using 280mb and have 812mb left. Storage, 168 MB and 1.45 GB left. Can't see the advantage to rooting the phone, when it seems to be working fine. My thing is if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  5. zcarman

    zcarman Well-Known Member

    The storage space is definitely not the issue. The active memory, MENU
  6. captainbob

    captainbob Well-Known Member

  7. gvc

    gvc Well-Known Member

    besides getting rid of or freezing bloatware, one of the things I love about rooting is being able to use an autostarts type of app that allows you to turn off an app's autostart commands to keep some of these apps that you dont need running from starting over and over especially after a fresh reboot. seems almost every app wants to start after boot for some reason. for me, I have no need to have an app waiting in memory for me to open it , except for a few that I tend to use most often. Gemeni app manager is a pretty slick app that is especially useful after root for all it can do.

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