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  1. phatbass

    phatbass Well-Known Member

    Now I've got a new phone (Galaxy S3) I want to set up my old DHD with a new Sim as a "friends only" phone. Is there a way to set the phone to block ALL incoming calls except those from contacts I've specifically selected?

    Thanks guys.

  2. phatbass

    phatbass Well-Known Member

    Found an app which seems to let you block or allow pretty much anything "Call Blocker Free". I'll see how it goes.
  3. CDPlant

    CDPlant Guides Guide

    I'm sure I saw something in the settings for this, but I haven't had the DHD for a while now so I can't remember where it is :( I do know that for your current device it's definitely possible, so if you're ever interested in doing it for your S3 you would go to Settings > Blocking Mode and adjust the settings in there

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