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Block all incoming calls from numbers not on my contact list

  1. himan20

    himan20 New Member

    Hi, recently iv been getting calls from some specific person.. and this person calls me over the net.. so i get a call from a different no. Each time. And thus unable to block his calls..is there a way i could block all calls from numbers not on my contact list?? All the other threads i saw listed about blocking specific nos, but here i dont have the no. Can any1 pls help.. :-:)(

  2. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    Call Control has that feature. Actually, I think most call blocking/blacklisting apps does that.
  3. pj444

    pj444 New Member

    I installed a free app called Call Filter on my Droid 3, and it's working well. Easy to blacklist incoming calls--telemarketers may call me once, but that's it!

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