Block all incoming calls from numbers not on my contact list

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  1. himan20

    himan20 New Member

    Hi, recently iv been getting calls from some specific person.. and this person calls me over the net.. so i get a call from a different no. Each time. And thus unable to block his there a way i could block all calls from numbers not on my contact list?? All the other threads i saw listed about blocking specific nos, but here i dont have the no. Can any1 pls help.. :-:)(

  2. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    Call Control has that feature. Actually, I think most call blocking/blacklisting apps does that.
  3. pj444

    pj444 New Member

    I installed a free app called Call Filter on my Droid 3, and it's working well. Easy to blacklist incoming calls--telemarketers may call me once, but that's it!

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