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Block all sounds going out through speaker when headphone connectedSupport

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  1. dpaska

    dpaska Member

    I'm kind of new in Android and I realized that some the sounds are going out through the speaker regardless if the headphones are connected. If they are, the sound also goes out through the headphones, but I'd like to mute the speaker when headphones connected.
    Is that possible?
    Few more information that may help:

    • Its Android 2.2 Froyo
    • I've installed Tasker, maybe there is some way to make a profile to achieve what I want.
    • I'll clarify for each sound (if i forget any please let me know):
      • Phone calls: Speaker and headphones.
      • Notifications: Speaker and headphones.
      • Games and almost every app: Only headphones. (I wrote "almost every app" because, for example, Skype or Camera sounds in both speaker and headphones).
      • Keyboard and "touch clicks": Headphones.
    Summarizing the problem are: phone calls, notifications and some "random" apps.​

  2. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    What kind of headphones you use ?
    On the bundled headphones ,there is no such problem .
    The sound is muted when the headphones are connected regardless of app

    It really is dependent on headphones you use .
    If it aint stock samsung then you will have to write a driver to support the headphones.
  3. dpaska

    dpaska Member

    @karandpr, thanks for the reply! I'm using samsung headphones which came with the phone.

    It dosen't seem to be headphones problem because I posted the question here too and lot of people vote it, so I'm guessing its samsung i551 problem :(
  4. srothkin

    srothkin Well-Known Member

    It happens to me on my HTC Thunderbolt too. It seems to be a reported android bug -- see Issue 16667 - android - Notifications are played through external speaker when headphones are plugged in - Android - An Open Handset Alliance Project - Google Project Hosting -- but no word on when it would be fixed.

    Does anyone know of an app that would fix it?

    I know Cyanogenmod fixed it for the original Droid (which I had before the thunderbolt), but its still in alpha for the Thunderbolt with some issues, so I'm not ready to jump to it yet.

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