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  1. whatupyo02

    whatupyo02 New Member

    I keep getting text messages from a spamming bot it seems, and I would like be able to block them....anyway how?

  2. Howie

    Howie Well-Known Member

  3. AndroidSPCS

    AndroidSPCS Well-Known Member

    Depending on your carrier you can also go online to your account and block specific senders there as well.
  4. thenapolitan

    thenapolitan Active Member

    oh yeah...this totally works too! Thanks for the post! I almost forgot about this feature!
  5. Domsoft

    Domsoft New Member

    My new application blocks text messages and can even send an automatic custom reply to the sender asking them to stop texting you.

    You can see the announcement here


  6. MsBlessedBeauty

    MsBlessedBeauty New Member

    i tried to find cold shoulder in the market, its not there :(
  7. JezterVA

    JezterVA Well-Known Member

    With most of these spam bot services, if you simply reply "STOP", they will stop.
  8. pudders

    pudders New Member

    WHAT EVER YOU DO, DO NOT REPLY to spammers. This only lets them know for sure they have reached a phone where texting is available. This may and probably will lead to more texts from this spammer or the spammer may sell you number to even more spammers. Block them but do not reply. Boo JezterVA very bad advice.
  9. avatarmonkeykirby

    avatarmonkeykirby New Member

    The only problem with that idea is that it works like email. If the number isn't reached they'll get an error message returned to them, so they'll know if you're just ignoring them even if you don't reply back.
  10. orchid70

    orchid70 New Member

    I tried this and within seconds I recieved a message telling me I had been unsubscribed. Thank you this has been driving me CRAZY!!!
  11. Nigeloz

    Nigeloz New Member

    I am getting unsolicited spam messages in Whatsapp on my Galaxy IIS. I have sent a message to WhatsApp via their Support, and have not heard back. The messages are coming from a USA (+1 XXX) number and the content relates to prizes to be claimed for winning an IPad with a link for confirming this. Of course I do not press the link. I only have a couple of WhatsApp contacts. . I have suggested a "report this as Abuse" button to the WhatsApp people. How can these Spam WhatsApp messages be stopped.

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