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Blocking Calls from Certain NumbersSupport

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  1. seoul1881

    seoul1881 Member

    How can I permanently block incoming calls from a particular phone number? On the VM website, I've found how to block incoming text messages, but not phone calls.

    Someone keeps calling my number even though I'm not the person they're looking for. I don't want to have to keep answering or declining their phone calls. I'd just like to find the option or listing area, where I can place their number, and automatically reject or block all of their calls. Thanks

  2. allambition

    allambition Well-Known Member

    On my phone I can go to Settings > Call Settings > All Calls > Auto Reject

    Enable the Auto Reject mode and then add the number you want to block to the list.
  3. seoul1881

    seoul1881 Member

    I'm looking for responses from VM LG Optimus V users. Thanks anyways
  4. melim

    melim Disabled

    The only way I've found that kind of does what you want is this: http://androidforums.com/lg-optimus-v/279790-spam-contact.html

    Call blocker apps are another option, but I haven't tried any on this phone. When I used Mr. Number on my Blackberry it would always send numbers from my white list straight to voice mail, so I'm not about to try that again.
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  5. Droid808

    Droid808 Active Member

    If you know the number, add it to your CONTACT LIST, but set the ringer to MUTE! when they call, you wont even know it, as your phone will not ring... I did this to a telemarketing company that was pestering me! Worked Great!
  6. Thorsten

    Thorsten Well-Known Member

  7. syav

    syav Well-Known Member

    Try android market. On the search icon type 'call blocker'. There's several apps to choose from. Good luck.
  8. TampaShooters

    TampaShooters Well-Known Member

    go to the app market and get "MR NUMBER" it's FREE and awesome, you can block all sorts of numbers, numbers not in phone book, private, area codes, etc.
  9. DriodDaNoid

    DriodDaNoid New Member

    Where exactly on the VM website did you find "How to block text messages?"
  10. seoul1881

    seoul1881 Member

    After signing in go to to the Phone, Apps, and More tab.

    On the left go down the column and you will see a Edit Message Settings.

    Click Edit Message Settings and add the number of the phone that you no longer want to receive messages from.;)
  11. 350X

    350X Well-Known Member

    old post, but open contact list, click number, you now see little phone or txt icon, hit menu button, click auto send to voice mail. only thing I can find in the stock rom.
  12. genesis211

    genesis211 New Member

    I have auto eject mode enabled for Auto Reject Numbers. I have the number listed and checked and have Unknown checked yet I still receive calls from this number. How can I block this particular number?

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