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  1. smooshkissxx

    smooshkissxx Member

    Hey all,

    When typing (sms, email, whatsapp, pretty much anything) a little blue exclamation icon is showing up on the screen. I've checked out the entire user guide and the icon isn't even included in the notifications/icons section. Seeing as this phone is new there's not a lot of help on google either. Does anyone know what it means?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. CheesyPeteza

    CheesyPeteza Well-Known Member

    I believe it is the cursor you are talking about. Like the flashing vertical line you get in windows when typing, it shows you where you are on the line. It's big and blue to highlight that you can drag it with your finger to change the cursor position.

    It should look like below but in blue?

  3. smooshkissxx

    smooshkissxx Member

    Heya, thanks for the reply.

    It's not that though :confused: it's not on the section that ye type in, it's on the top left, or middle left of the screen. For example, if i'm replying to a text it wont be in "add text" section, but further up where the rest of the sms conversation it.

    The screen is also touchscreen so i've trying touching the icon but nothing happens.

    I've read though that the blue Facebook button on the bottom right of the phone glows up when you're doing something on the phone which could be transferred to Facebook. Seeing as the blue icon doesn't show with every sms or email conversation i'm wondering if it's connected? If i'm typing a date, time etc the phone may be picking up that it could be an event.

    I'm not sure at all, it hasn't happened with the last few texts or emails so I can't test out my "facebook theory: :p

    Thank you though :)
  4. p0lekat

    p0lekat New Member

    Hi, I am getting the same blue square with a white exclamation mark in it too... no idea why, or what it's for...?

    The first time it appeared, it didn't go away until I removed the battery and replaced it...

    Am hoping it has some sort of function and isn't a fault? - any ideas?
  5. CheesyPeteza

    CheesyPeteza Well-Known Member

    Sorry but we have no idea what you are talking about. We never get this?

    Can you take a picture of it?
  6. p0lekat

    p0lekat New Member

    Here you go... Have been onto HTC support for the last couple of days and today they have told me to do a hard reset... never offered an explanation as to what it is.



    Doesn't matter what screen you are in... it's still there...
  7. CheesyPeteza

    CheesyPeteza Well-Known Member

    Definitely looks like a bug. I guess support have to go through the usual steps, if the hard reset doesn't work maybe the developers will look into it.

    I just looked and we are on the following version:

    But there is an update available to:

    What version are you on?
  8. p0lekat

    p0lekat New Member

    I did the hard reset this morning and so far so good. I upgraded at the same time so am on v 1.18.401.1 now.
  9. smooshkissxx

    smooshkissxx Member

    Heya guys,

    Finally figured out what the damn icon is. When i'm typing I sometimes hit the "sym" or 0 key, and the first icon in the symbol menu is the exclamation point.

    Usually if I come out of the text/email and go back in the icon disappears, but sometimes it stays around for a while.

    It's pretty annoying, i'm on the latest version and it still continues to do it. Hope it's fixed soon.
  10. holly_huni

    holly_huni New Member

    I have the exact same problem, it always comes up after I use a symbol in text messages but usually goes away after I exit out of messages but at the minute its stayed there and will not go away. has anyone found out what it is?? I only bought this phone 2weeks ago so you think there shouldnt be a problem already.
  11. alistairf

    alistairf New Member

    Was a fix found in this respect? We just got the device and updated its firmware and we still have the same issue. The version is 1.18 something, latest one that is.

    I doubt a hard reset would in fact address this, as the software is probably buggy. Anyone found a fix to it? I also reported the matter to HTC, but it doesn't look promising if all they say is to reset the thing.



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