Blue screen and i am desperate :(

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  1. Cursed Chico

    Cursed Chico Well-Known Member

    I was only trying to install a new rom but with cwm i deleted everything by mistake, boot etc. After that, when i tried to open phone, it went into blue screen and i connected to pc but there were no files. SO i put


    files to image file that i created but still cant open.And before deleting everything, i had a problem, in cwm it gave error "cant mount sd card".

    I tried to format sd card but it did not.

    SO, i cant use internal sd card but i found 8 gb sd card of my brothers, but i dont want to lose his files. SO what can i do now with thhat?

  2. kenwaweru

    kenwaweru New Member

    (This being my first post i cant quote a direct link.)
  3. kenwaweru

    kenwaweru New Member

    Try this if you can access the Bootloader.
    Bluescreen usually wipes the Bootloader, but you can fix that if you can still access it...
    In case you lost all the data in Bootloader (pink screen), format the partition with FAT32, create a folder called "image" and copy the following files on there.

    AMSS.MBN -
    Recovery.img -
    Boot.img -

    If you can't access the Bootloader (pink screen), I'm afraid it's going back to warranty

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