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BlueAnt Q2 Bluetooth Headset Two Way Audio ProblemsTips

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  1. whogg0521

    whogg0521 New Member

    The audio reception on this headset is the best I have ever had, either Bluetooth or wired. However, it appears to now work in a simplex mode. If someone is talking to me, and I try to speak to interrupt, they can't hear me as long as they are talking. I'm on conference calls ALL the time...I need to know if this is how this is supposed to work, or if I have a setting configured incorrectly. Please help. I've already received the useless "Support script" from BlueAnt customer care to reset it, re-pair it, etc...like I didn't do that already. I also confirmed it works fine on my Wife's HTC Aria (Android version 2.1). I'm looking for some "other" ideas. Thanks to all since it seems folks on this site actually "get it" and are trying to help each other.


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